The Submissive Wife Project: Safe sexual,intellectual and spiritual disciplines, guidance and information for intelligent married women. This site is monitored by experienced participants of the Project who provide information for other women interested in learning more about their own submissive instincts.

“The hardest part for me was just getting past the word ‘submissive’.” j.




here is a reason why you are here. Stop just for a moment and ask what it is. Perhaps it is because after careful reflection you know that in the context of a balanced relationship, “submissive” cannot be the same as “subservient,” that a submissive woman is a wise woman, and that an intelligent woman who understands the overwhelming power of her own natural instincts with clarity—and who also understands the most effective way of expressing them—will gain benefit for herself and give greater pleasure to those around her.

This website was part of a larger community dedicated to various approaches to rational, spiritual, sexual, and even practical submission. It was closed in April 2011 because the site became too large and unfocused, and a distraction on our thoughtful journey to understand our submissive instincts. A much smaller and more intimate website has been launched as we contemplate useful ways to share our message. Please visit us at for information on "next-step" surrender.

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